anniversary in Darwin

It’s Lucinda and my 2nd anniversary on the road. A year ago today we were in Peru. Now we’re in Australia. Somehow thinking about the two places at once makes me smile like an idiot. I’m happy and grateful that I can experience that. However, looking ahead is a big, confusing mess of questions, options, and unknown unknowns which also, somehow, feels as good as it did a year ago. I’m not at all sure who or what I should thank for this, but I have an idea, which brings me to the next point:

We keep a journal separate from this blog. When we want to look back at a time, place or experience I go to my journal. This isn’t how we want it to be. This blog should include things we can’t write about here, otherwise it’s a poor record. So in about 30 days I’ll be making this blog private. In my last public post, I’ll write about some of the things I’ve learned so far that normally I wouldn’t write about. I’ll also recommend some other ride reports to follow.

I’m sitting here wondering about which are the strongest memories from the last year and as I scroll through iPhoto I realize there are just too many choices.

People: The indigenous millions in the streets of La Paz, Bolivia, the ultra-sophisticated in Buenos Aires at night, the gorgeous semi-modern Latinas of Arequipa, Peru, the fans of River Plate and the people in the country you pass or talk to everyday.

Places: This is ‘people’ again, by coincidence. One day I was riding the indirect dirt road out of lonely Porvenir, along the south bank of the Strait of Magellan, a day or two from Ushuaia, in the middle of nowhere. I met a fisherman who lived alone here in one of a small group of metal homes. At the time it struck me as a kind of miracle or something because it felt like my best friend had been waiting to meet me in this incredible place at the end of the world. This was the strongest memory of the year. In the blog, I wrote about it in a very superficial way. This is one reason I’m going to start writing the blog just for family and my riding friends from home. Thanks to everyone who followed and left positive and supporting comments.


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  1. Tom D.,

    2 freakin’ years already! Well done, JG. I’ve enjoyed riding along with you over the last 730 days.
    And I remember the post of the fisherman at the end of the road… and was so impressed by the contentment of his life. There’s something huge in that…

  2. Hugh Thomas,

    Hi Jeremy,
    Glad to hear that its all going well. Too bad about so many crocs that you can;t even take a dip in the rivers. I admire your tenacity and Lucinda’s determination to get you on your way.

    Please include me in your “private” blog. I really want to keep up with your adventure. Thanks and travel safe.


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