to Brisbane, separately

There was no chance of breaking into Lucinda in Rockhampton, so we decide to take the 600k coast road to Brisbane. But after a couple of attempts we can’t even get out-of-town. Not only is the clutch shot but we’ve got something else  going on. Wear and tear only. Details in Melbourne.

The Brisbane dealer tells us about a bike delivery service called Bikes Only, so we take that. The problem being bikes are picked up and consolidated and it would take a week to get there. I can’t rent a truck myself with my expired driver’s licence (to be remedied when I fly back for visas needed later)

Anyway, put Lucinda into a van

And me into a plane

This is definitely the most damaging thing yet to our pride. Hardly an ‘adventure’ rescue/repair. Correct long-distance-rider form here would be to strap Lucinda to a skid and drag her by camel…

Worse, Aussie bike shops are unique on this ride so far in that they don’t conform to the standard ‘first in, first out’ rule for international riders. We noticed this is Darwin first. So they work you in when they can but don’t drop everything to get you on your way, like in the Americas. So a week of transportation, 4 days to confirm the clutch is shot (and the other problem), a few days to order the part, then another few days to install it. Other than that they were great and we had a good discussion about what had to be done next, where and how risky it would be in the interim. More on this as the adventure unfolds over the next weeks.

So I posted an update with this picture and only one rider correctly identified it as the rear subframe only. Everyone else thought this was Lucinda stripped bare
photo 2

But look carefully at the position of the pegs and Ohlins. Here’s the rest
photo 1

So we spent plenty of time in Brisbane (pop 2.2M). It looks like this, on a cloudy day

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