Equator 2

Our second equator crossing! Yes, it’s hot!DSC00851

Taking a selfie here is a traditionDSC00856

Two to three hours north of Bukittinggi


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  1. fred,

    hi jeremy
    you are at the equator
    i m at the polar circel on the
    way to morthcap, norway

    have a save ride


  2. fred,

    hi man
    you looking good with your Klim gear 😊


    • Hey, I look good in anything Fred!

      Well, you’ve seen the Rev’it when we rode in Mexico together, now the Klim, in about a month it’ll be Rukka. One day we’ll find the right suit. But running out of options.

      Santiago (thanks for being a great host to him y Maria) tells me the Held weighs as much as Klim, oh well.

  3. Jeremy,
    You look good, but most important you look really happy¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

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