pla hang nok yung

That’s Thai for guppy. Written, it looks like this

Translation: fish that eats mosquitos, only, not an adjective in sight. It skips a descriptive, like brown bear or checkered tortoise.

This is probably due to the guppy being not from here, but from NE South America, imported for utility, and the trade-name stuck.

Everywhere in the city streets here you’ll find them in bowls, dishes, barrels, anything with more than a few gallons of water and a lily in it. Sometimes they’re side by side, like below, sometimes a block apart, a few to hundreds in each, air, motorcycles, people, walls, whatever, in betweenP1030996

A male, from the above higher dish

And so


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  1. Gail,

    Say it isn’t so. Last public post for the rest of your adventure? GNC

  2. Last public post? How can it come to such a sudden end? The story isn’t over? Is it???

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