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The blog is going public again! Oh man. Something to explain: we’re (me and Lucinda) going home for three birthdays and a wedding. That will take about 8 months, lol. Now headed back to Bangkok and will fly from there.

The ride was originally planned to be between 2 1/2 and 3 years. So we’re supposed to be finished, but we’re about 1/2 way. This is absolutely standard long-distance-rider behaviour that I originally laughed at. Why on earth were people taking so long, I wondered? Well, now I know.

Now that I’ve made the decision to good spend time with family, instead of few weeks a year for a few years, I’m missing my ride already. Which is why I’m taking Lucinda back. We’ll do some exploring of BC this spring and summer.

Upsides, beyond spending time with family, friends and my City of Glass are fun things like wall-sized route planning, re-building Lucinda’s suspension and making a few further cool mods she’d like. Plus, returning mid-October puts us in the ideal weather pattern for continuing.

When we return we’ll fly back to Vietnam, which will give us a no-loop line through Cambodia, Thailand to Myanmar.

The blog will continue with BC riding posts



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  1. Anonymous,

    How are you adjusting to the city of glass?

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