The amazing Steph is back. One of only two solo RTW girls out there in the world at the moment. You can find her blog in the blogroll below. I met her at the border a week ago.

Her RTW is easterly. Our paths crossed first in Bribane, Australia. Now they’ve crossed again here in Vancouver, on her way to Alaska

The bikes

We’ve been hanging out quietly, touring the local pubs and sharing stories. We regularly take a break from adventure tales to talk about bikes, Steph’s favorite topic. But the highest priority is giving her body a decent rest as she’s seriously road worn.

We’ve got a couple of mini-trips planned before she heads north. More to follow.


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  1. Kevin,

    If Steph needs a place to Stay in Either Kelowna or north BC enroute to Alaska let me know. Cheers Kevin

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