not quite a year

So I thought I’d get a quick post in before a year elapsed without a peep.

I have a decision to make. I have to either upgrade my WordPress account to Business, or take it elsewhere. I’ve used 35GB of storage and that’s the limit on this plan. I can’t attach a random image now, which hurts, argh: no post should be without an image. The Business plan is quite expensive. $32/month. I’ve looked into the alternative, a website, but the hosting cost is about the same, plus there’s the start-up cost.

A website gives me greater creative flexibility. But do I need that now? I have some improvements to be done here. At some point I’ll have a ‘grand vision’ of what a traveller’s blog/website could look like, but I don’t have it now.

I don’t have a problem with the monthly cost. The problem is paying that for the next 30 years just to keep it alive, use it or not. How much value does it have as a record?

Thankfully there’s a blog-death rescue option. You can download your entire thing to and make a half-dozen book-like hardcopies of it. Then, around 2040, the grandkids can look back, hopefully with open curiosity rather than scorn, at the primitive bike and gear. And how relatively free land-travel was back then.

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