I went out for beer and tacos with CJ and John, the famed “Motomavericks” as they’ve branded themselves. They’re flying back to continue their ride tomorrow, a 4000 kilometre route including a line never ridden before in the Pamir Mountains of Kyrgystan and Tajikistan (although it could be one or the other too, I didn’t ask). They’re being joined by Walter Colebatch, an Englishman and one of the legends of the sport.

Two days ago. They look ready, lol

They’re possibly the boldest ADV duo in the world right now. Their style is to ride off-road (no road or trail) as much as possible, for very long distances, often routes that have never been done before. Broken bones, epics. Hard core in the pub too. From Vancouver on WR250’s.

Somewhere, South America

Also from Vancouver going around are Dan and Sara, who I met for the first time last year, although we’ve been following each other’s rides since 2012. When I think of these guys I think how social they are. They make friends everywhere in the world and are always having a good time with others in their photos. They have truly massive mileages on this long term ride so far. Very cool. He’s on a 800GS, Sara on a 650

Lastly, there’s Kevin from here. He’s just started and is nearing the end of Central America. He’s on a GS with a big load of gear. The record though still goes to Alex from Germany who I met in Belize. Or that Danish guy in Panama. I’ve seen some of Kevin’s videos, he’s a very good rider. Photo below with an ADV girl, Claire, he met recently

So those are your Vancouver representatives going around the world on bikes.


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  1. Sara,

    Hey there thanks for the shout out! We are in Bulgaria right now. Hoping we can get an Iranian visa soon. Sara

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