AC 35

The 35th edition of the America’s Cup is underway.

I’ve followed the Cup since I was a small boy. I had scrapbooks and dutifully cut and pasted (haha!) articles I found wherever I could find them. Newspapers mostly. So probably 45 years of fandom.

This year the boats are smaller and large components are identical between teams. The idea is to cut costs and emphasize skill, rather than depth of pocket. It’s estimated the last regatta cost Team Oracle between $250 and $300 million.

One surprising innovation this year is New Zealand’s use of pedal power. Here they are

Maximum speed is probably in the 45 knot area, about 52 miles per hour.

A closer look reveals 4 of the sailors in their pedalling positions

The energy is used to power up hydraulic cells, later, or slightly later, to be directed at trim of sails or foils.

This year I’m supporting the Kiwis.

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