ride pt. 2 planning, 2

There’s a problem with my route with no obvious answers. Well, except one obvious answer, stay in India for 9 months longer than planned.

Here’s a very simplified map I found for this story

The thing to look at above is the window for Leh. This is as close to a must-do in India as it gets because of the altitude.

The problem is, after India, the route forward is through via Lahore, Pakistan then north to the Karakoram Highway to China. The latest this can be done is September 1, with the big problem of wintering in the ‘stans if crossed this late.

Missing Jammu, Kashmir and Punjab is a big loose. I had dinner with a couple of good friends a few night ago, both of them had spent years each in India. For them there’s no problem, spend the additional 9 months and do them both. Whoa.

All the rest of the planning looks vaguely OK.

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