hard work

Here’s a screen grab from video, the Killar / Kishtwar route in northwestern India. The route is disgustingly exposed, 1000′ sheer drop in places, and worse: it’s 66 miles long. No idea if I’ll do it, I have to pass it, so will decide when I get there. But if I do, I’ll wait for some locals, like these guys, to absorb some of their chillness

I always wonder how they build these roads.

Yesterday I saw these photos from Graeme Perkins, a rider I’ve been chatting to recently (he said I could use them.) Photos just taken in the Pamir Mountains.

Here’s how they build them, by hand. Click it to see the precariousness of the situation for the right hand 3rd guy

You can see how they do it: They cut the ceiling line first, then open it up. Hence the ‘V’ shape. Hopefully the right hand guy makes twice as much as the leftmost guy.

And coming in from the other end

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