by truck

I was Googling for information, looking for bike travellers who’d been through an area and came across this guy, no name on his website (with you on that, brother.) A Brit solo traveller in a light truck in extremely remote and sometimes dangerous places. Never seen this before. It should be a thing

Here’s his rationale on the truck choice, given an additional challenge:

” It became clear to me that there was only one choice of vehicle manufacturer and the question of which vehicle to take became a question of which Toyota to take. After much consideration, I chose a 1993 Hilux 4×4 Diesel. Reliable, tough and utilitarian, mechanically simple, free from worrisome electronics, comparatively light, economic and ubiquitous throughout much of Eurasia, the Hilux made an excellent overland vehicle. The truck would take me over some seriously rough terrain, over some of the world’s highest roads, across the snowy wastes of Mongolia, through empty deserts and the hectic cities of the Indian Subcontinent. The truck’s low-profile look would often blend-in with local traffic, allowing me for example to access parts of Pakistan from which foreigners are normally kept well away, and it would allow me to drive inconspicuously across Afghanistan where security was a major consideration

Nice. Yup, that what was bothering me after seeing your route: security in Afghanistan!

Here’s his excellent website Eurasia Overland

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