concrete 3

Today’s concrete shots. I’ll keep doing concrete shots until I’m bored, and as that happens I’m getting the gear ready for the ride, after all the replacements. This stuff is only interesting to riders, and then sometimes not. Depends on the personality type.

This is a small pile of random stuff, picked to make a nice square flat photo

Dollar bill for scale. So just a few pounds includes

1) Arcteryx Goretex minimum shells, pants and jacket. Incredible size and weight for performance

2) Aerostitch compressor. A work of minimalist art, a no-frills unenclosed engine

3) Sea-to-summit body towel. Very very marginal towel. If you can shake off 95% of the water, it can deal with most of the rest. It’s never been great. Not much bigger than the wallet, above, so fine

4) 3 rolls of compressed MEC toilet paper I re-compressed. Picture included for color

5) 200 enamelled maple leafs for kids, will disappear in a month like always

Now, cables and webbing that are long and a pain

I label cables with metal-rimmed tags, and stay stocked up on rubber bands on the road. This is how solo riders go crazy.

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