Dovizioso’s big day

As you may have heard, MotoGP is having glory years here. It’s witnessing a collision of genius level talent by a few riders.

OK, my fave rider below, Jorge Lorenzo. Genius, imo, having a bad year figuring out the new Ducati after years of mastery of his past Yamaha. He switched for the money, the richest rider contract ever. He’s called the smoothest rider who ever lived (in contrast to his abrasive and volatile personality) and feared by all

Even feared by potentially the greatest rider of all time, young Marc Marquez. He’s the master of the bold move, with his best years ahead of him. IMO the only person who can beat him consistently ahead will be Jorge Lorenzo

So it looks like Marc was going to do his usual thing and rob the field in the last few laps when his engine blew

Oh no, Iannone crashes with another rider again. Loved by all, he just can’t stop doing this and it has sadly cost him his best sponsors. He got booted by Ducati and is now on the slower Suzuki

This was the battle out front, Rossi, Dovizioso, Vinales

Dovizioso passes senior statesman Rossi braking into a sweeping corner

And holds it for the win

Rider standings, only 13 points separate the top 3. This is really surprising. He’s not only anybody’s top 4 list. But with Rossi having tyre difficulty in the last laps all year, Marquez crashing, Lorenzo not liking his bike, and Vinales not showing flair, Dovizioso may win the year, sneaking up the inside with superb consistency that no one else is showing

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