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14, gear

2 terabyte drive from Samsung. Amazing

7 years ago


was the hand-written version of this (sometimes I like to write stuff out by hand)
best view in the city

The image sort of reminds me of this, another view of the city


Venezuela. Doing street protest/violence the Latin American way: properly. Not as methodical as Black Bloc in Germany but their passion…

Fighting socialists this time


anyone remember this?

And he was our Liberal PM for 10 years. He let Martin run roughshod over Finance and almost miraculously got our disastrous books in order. Took no shit

This was his most outrageous moment: a proto-SJW says too much.

tony and deb arrive in vancouver

track girls 4

It’s happened. Ana Carrasco has become the first woman to win an individual world championship race with her finish Sunday in the World Supersport 300 class in Portugal

She beat Alfonso Coppola by .05s for the win

Hilarious, instead of an umbrella girl, like for Jorge here

they have an umbrella guy for her, argh, that’s something we’ve never seen before

There is no sex restriction in any class of MotoGP, Supersport or WSB racing. You do not have to be an exceptionally big or brawny woman to be heavier and stronger than Dani Pedrosa, one of the top 5 men in the world, so maybe we’ll see a woman in MotoGP one day. Hopefully Ana Carrasco inspires thousands of eurotoddler girls to race bikes.

If I was Marc Marquez I’d be on bended knee, with a huge rock, trying not to beg.

what a picture

Came across this today, after reading a piece on the guy on the right in the Guardian

For maybe 15 years, when these 3 were at maximum stride, I read nearly everything they wrote. It was the competitive and non-politics Booker era, Hitch excepted. But where is the 4th man, Barnes? A white English intellectual Rat Pack.

tractor porn 2

Another gif, really good. Possibly missed my calling