Irma, following the models

Recent gif, off Leeward Islands

Here for an incredible higher res loop, and to see speed and time:


4 forecasts

Above models:

GFS is the American Global Forecast System. It runs simulations 4 times a day and is the one I’m following.

Canadian is Global Environmental Multiscale Model. The forecast is a rainbow over every house and a unicorn on every lawn as long as Justin is PM, according to the CBC.

Euro is the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts. The geeks are saying there’s something wrong with the current model, due to some incorrect assumption in barometric pressure at the start point. I think.

Navy is the Naval Oceanography Portal.

I’m intrigued by the weather models and hang out at various ‘wx’ (weather) sites trying (with the deciphering help of Google) to add to the tiny amount I learned during Katrina.

Here’s how Katrina formed in 2005:

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