TKC 80

Thinking about tire-drops. There are no tires available for my bike for about a year ahead, so they will have to be shipped to places at the right time in the right place. The job could be 60 – 70% easier if we could settle on the Heidenau K60 front and rear, they’re decent and last forever. But no, I’ll go back to the best, the TKC 80, for the front, where it’s magic.

Saw this at Overlander’s site, dated October 2012:

” Continental’s TKC80 is an aging design and certainly looks like a knobbly, but is actually quite accomplished all round rubber, the reason no doubt, that it’s still in production after quite a few years on the market “

Then this from Continental’s site:

  • Continental TKC 80 was first unveiled 30 years ago

And it looks ancient. But still the best for an HP2 for distance dual sport

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