bike lights

We replaced the whole headlight system. The world has changed in 5 years. But this is pretty radical, running with pure Clearwaters on a (being used for ADV) ADV bike

Four lights there. 3 Darlas and 1 Erica. Total 12,000+ lumin. A car equipped with Halogens might produce 2800, a more expensive car with HID or LED around 6000 lumin. Clearwater lights are the state of the art. Made in America.

The controls are on this small dash, above a stock gauge and off my cluttered bar

There’s a thumb switch (out of shot) that turns all 3 Darla’s on. The switch above turns the Erica on. The top right dial brightens/dims the Erica, the bottom the 3 Darlas.

I haven’t ridden them in the dark yet. Report to follow.

These were the Darla side lights we installed in Melbourne, back on a night ride before Bandung, Java. Indonesia is tied for best country so far

Now we’re heading out again, the above photo reminds me of something. My below route (in green) from East Timor to Medan, Sumatra, maybe the best ride, the perfect combination of complicated and rewarding. Maybe a small-scale rehearsal for India

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