after the monsoon

Here’s what the weather looks like in Yangon (Rangoon) for November when I arrive (click to enlarge). This is why timing is everything

Rangoon’s monsoon is severe, but not the worst. Vancouver’s annual rainfall is 45″, so the same as what Rangoon gets in 2 months, July and August.

I’ll be riding within 65K of THE rainiest place on earth (but in the drier season) soon: Mawsynram. It gets 467″ per year, 10 times Vancouver. My feeling is that the world’s worst doesn’t sound apocalyptic, just nasty. Here it is

Here’s what it looks like for December for the Bangalore area (where I’ll be passing) a month later. Nice, the best month

I’ve never shared specific riding goals before, because that’s very bad juju. But in a juju-free world I’d park the bike at some honourable place in the south, and fly to Varanasi for Christmas. It looks like this


Below is Islamabad, Pakistan. Getting the weather right going through here is critical, you’re setting up for crossing the Karakoram at 15,400 feet into China, plus you don’t want to be in the area in monsoon, so you have two narrow windows: late spring and early autumn. But we’ll decide about that when we’re closer


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  1. Anonymous,

    I have been to Varanasi. On the Ganges at sunrise and sunset. It’s life changing.

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