gear 1

The bike goes to shipping now. The gear is as minimalistic as I can manage, this time. It’s a bit different each long leg: there’s no need for warm clothing or camping gear for the next 7 months for instance.

The tool kit is heavier, some things had to be added. The overall item count is way down. Better picture to follow

The 31 litre panniers are 85% full. The tank bag contents are (for shipping security reasons) in the right pannier temporarily. So the total volume here is 53 litres.

My duffel doesn’t have to be packed for 10 days, it’s a 40 litre bag never more than 35 litres, mostly less.

So the total gear volume including tank bag is 98 litres. If I wasn’t riding solo, the gear would be about 10 litres less as there’d be no duplication of tools/compressor/glues/tapes/webbing.

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