(why the strange random posts all of a sudden?)

Because Ann Althouse’s rules of blogging include the following: be frequent. I know I need to get into the habit. So barring some catastrophe I’ll never post less than the month before (starting back in August) until I post 30 a month. The resistance is/was/has being/been trying to figure out what to write about, despite a life of controlled chaos. Althouse may be a secret provocateur: it’s possible she just likes to see political fights break out among retired and ancient lawyers in the comments section, and that’s her thing. I don’t have a twist yet, if you have an idea, email me in the contact menu.

In the interim, this one gets the numbers up.

And since there always needs to be an image, what Miss T has asked me to do several times, most recently a week ago


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  1. Anonymous,

    I recognize that chin! Love it. Wish I could bite it.

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