here we go: YVR – TPE – RGN

It snowed at YVR airport, the first of the year maybe, as we taxied away at 1:40 a.m.. So, 3 things to miss: Vancouver, the snow, and the girls.

It was hard leaving this time. I had to trust that the feeling of being alone on the road in an exotic country would overwhelm and exhilarate me as it has, without fail, in the past. I couldn’t make that feeling happen trying to anticipate it, so we just trusted it would.

Flying west with the night: the view, very dark cloud tops

13 hours later we land in Taipei, walk down a corridor and wait for our connecting flight


Very hazy as we close, 4 1/2 hours later, on Yangon

Lovely, as we land

As I save this post, or go off to get the photos, I’ve been struggling with this. Not sure what it actually means

So we’ll quit there. A big day in this city tomorrow, we’ll try again when we’re back.

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