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A super long day. There’s lots going on. We travelled miles today by driver, boat and foot.

Yangon is a different animal all together. Myanmar has only recently been open to tourism and man, I saw it today, but at arms length, details below

I have a government approved transit guide (because of the bike) through Myanmar. It’s the law. He’s the guy on the right, Soe Myint Htay

The guy on the left, believe it or not, is normal. He’s got a tree extract on his face for 3 reasons: sun protection (the kids are often covered, but not in the city proper), it’s good for the skin, and it’s cosmetically cool. Soe emailed to volunteer showing me around Yangon so I accepted.

But all is this near normality is not what it appears to be.

A rider with the ADV handle ‘Perromochilero’ says he was the first rider/car driver to cross Myanmar (guided) since it was legal, and he did it in massive group of 13 vehicles only 5 years ago. Lots have since.

Today Soe told me I’m the very first rider to want to want to do it, and fly the vehicle in and navigate customs at the airport. The receiver at Legendary International Logistics (not kidding) is doing her best. It’s the first time they’ve had to create airport paperwork for a tourist vehicle which isn’t an importation. The good news is that they’re all keen to design this problem out and there shouldn’t be a delay of more than a day or two.

Lots of pics and stories (and we’ve only been here for 30 hours) coming

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