Yangon, briefly

Just a few photos

Below, two birds with one stone:

1) Motorcycles, tuk tuks, rickshaws and even bicycles are outlawed in Yangon, as mentioned in a prior post somewhere. You can license a pedal bike specially for specific purposes for a distance up to one kilometre, but I only saw one, so licensing requirements must be a very high hurdle.

2) Yangon has been going through a building boom since Myanmar ‘opened’ 5 years or so ago. Lots of new towers like below. China is a big deal.

I’m skipping a bunch of stuff, but the main event is Shwedagon Pagoda. I borrowed this pic from the web because it’s better than anything I took

At 375 feet, it’s the largest in Myanmar and no structure in Yangon is allowed to be built taller. Inside the compound it’s like this

The girl closest is western, perhaps here to explore or develop her Buddhism in a 90% Buddhist country

A magnificent building from Empire

British colonial streets, one block from city centre

‘Rangoon’, the way Kipling lodged it in our minds

But mostly the views are this combination

Soe recommends crossing the Yangon River on a ferry


There’s a cooler way, which I regret Soe wasn’t happy about doing, said unsafe

Out of the city, we hire a couple of bike taxis (not sure what they’re called yet)

We bike an hour into the country and back

Many homes over water

Yangon is a blend of new construction, British colonial architecture, and the very poor. Wiki says the income disparity is among the worst in the world.

Ultra-complex neighbour Bangkok this isn’t, by a light year. As Natalie kindof said last night.

Sorry this is brief, more observations and stories are premature, acclimatizing

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