myanmar 1: escape from Yangon

Very briefly

Here’s Myanmar, right in the middle. A large country bordered by everybody: Thailand, China, Laos, Bangladesh, India.

Here’s the day’s track on that

Here’s where the bike has spent the night. A police station out of town

In the courtyard there’s a gang of kids. Rounded up?

Myanmar is a country of villages, old and newer like this one. We pass through them every few miles. Wiki says there are 65,000 villages in the country. Pop 53 million.

Our road. Cool cattle everywhere

Typical home in the country

Duck egg farm

Lady in attendance

Frequent small pagodas

The riding is slow, a good thing. Temperature is about 32C and 75% humidity.

Gotta go!


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  1. Anonymous,

    Get used to the cows Jeremy! That’s all I can say 🙂

  2. Anonymous,

    It think they’re called water buffaloes ;-). Beautiful !

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