myanmar 2: still escaping

A short ride today, setting up for something cool tomorrow.

From Taungoo there, to the capital city, Naypyidaw

More or less shit all day

Lots of this. The rice harvest. They get a full 3 on this stretch

But here’s a thing: I am being tailed by these guys. On the left, ‘Mr. Prince’, in the middle ‘MKK’, an army guy who is now with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (he’s the official badass) and of course Soe. Anyone riding or driving through Myanmar requires the supervision of these three. I have proven my navigational and GPS skills to them, so they let me ride off on the promise we will meet up, at least at the destination hotel, although often when I stop for photos they catch up, so we have lunch on then road too. Until the day that follows this one.

The new capital was a drag, but had some really crazy features. More on this later.

Adventure tomorrow.

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