update 2

Wifi just isn’t happening so Soe got me a 16GB SIM card, for peanuts here, paired to the Mac and everything is back to normal. Very nice to have local support for the first time in this ride, I feel ridiculously spoiled. All that ends in a few days and we’re off into the wilds of India’s Nagaland where they still eat people, I read a couple of days ago, thanks to an emailed heads-up link from Don R, lol

So, while I wait for videos to upload right now, took a pic of the techy corner of tonight’s room

I’m watching MAD MEN (and drinking beer, I’m blaming it for this post) on my maxed-out iPad mini (downloaded the first 4 seasons before I left.) The ripped 1TB Mac Pro is humming along. The pink iPhone is an ancient 5C I bought from my youngest daughter because smart phones suck, except for Vancouver’s EVO app. My notes are on an old but luckily thick Boomerang Carnet pad that came with the documents. I need a small paper pad as a priority, I’m writing on scraps of anything and have a pile of cultural notes in my yellow day ‘immediate stuff’ bag that lives in my tank bag with the blue ‘kindof immediate stuff’ bag. The green bag lives in my duffle and has my daily power cords, the less used cords and 2TB backup drives are in another green bag in the downhill (on the kickstand) pannier. Since a lot of my gear is different for this leg, I’m still sorting the details and don’t feel dialed yet and my head is buzzing with gear weight/size/location neurosis, which I like, lol

Posts tomorrow, a couple a day for the next few days is the plan. We’ve been zigzagging our way across Myanmar’s central dry (well, less wet) plain. Just amazing.

Inle Lake was so long ago.

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