Bagan 1

The track. Just the downward right to left bit. The Garmin isn’t separating days all of a sudden, lol.

Now we’re headed backwards

The track to date, Nice map, can see all the places next door in Thailand we travelled through, so close

Riding out of Mandalay is a peaceful thing

And the ride’s representative video

We’ve entered the central dry plain

But the rich soil and agricultural rewards never stop. The land of plenty

My first herd of goats observed here. Brown, behind the cows

Stop to watch kids fish

Man, patience and objectiveness, the Burmese are so chill.

Oasis along the way

Cotton fields everywhere

Stop for lunch

I spent quite a while here. The lady in the blue top grows tobacco, is supplied with labels by a cig company, and rolls (below) 800 a day for about $30. She can roll one in a few seconds, never seen anything like it

Rolling station

A nice riding tunnel to the destination


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  1. The cigarette rolling looks far more civilized and humane than the cigar factories in Cuba. Assuming they are for local consumption only and not for export?

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