to Pindaya

A short ride to Pindaya

(We’ll try and do a short representative ride video every day. I’ve finally figured out where I want a higher front camera, but a mod is needed and planned. I’m trying to avoid a helmet cam.)


Bees are in my future (and were in my past) so it’s good to see this. Beginning of the season 


We see a group harvesting rice and walk off to see. Past this bull

They bring bundles to a central spot. The men thrash them again wooden boards, the women first brush off the non-rice, then sweep the rice to the back of the group.

Off to a side a youngster in the shape, and behind him, scooters in the shade of a tree

The scene

They give me a veil and I help look for queens. We see 3 in 3, so all good. Below he gives me comb dripping with honey. Great

The beekeepers

Happy bee landscape

The hotel in Pindaya is the best (authentic and comfy) in Myanmar yet, just fantastic. Old, run down, but perfect

Love this part, ride to the room

Where two beautiful girls are waiting to give air-conditioning instructions

Above the hotel on the hillside are the Pindaya caves, a major local attraction

Up there

The cave is 480 feet deep. The first Buddha sculptures and images date back to the late 18th century. There are now 8000 Buddha figures. For more Pindaya Caves Wiki

This is a quieter, less hallucingenic corridor. Much of the cave is packed to saturation with Buddhas

I just cropped 3/4 off the back end of this video due to upload struggles

Tomorrow to Mandalay.

Cultural note: Adding to my vocabulary are the phrases ‘nyi lay’ and ‘nyi ma lay’. They mean ‘little brother’ and ‘little sister’ and you use them when addressing someone younger than yourself. To address someone older you say the equivalent of uncle or aunt, but could be tricky so I don’t.

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