bike notes

So far since returning:

1 The new 15% bigger oil cooler borrowed from the HP2 megamoto seems to be doing the trick. We’re running one bar lower on the gauge. Haven’t had the ultimate test yet, hours of gridlock in 36C, but we’re optimistic.

2 Very happy to have mounted the TKC 80 front tire, despite the long haul to its replacement. Its been tested as we shoot off onto the sand and rubble for the last few days due to endless road construction.

3 The suspension tuning is awesome.

4 The new lighting switches have slightly compromised my old 3 X 680ml water bottle home. We didn’t think that would be a big deal, with other options, but the other options have turned out to suck a bit. So we may relocate them when we bump into an electrical guy at some point ahead.

5 I don’t know exactly what Alexmoto did when he worked on the shifter and gearbox, but for an agricultural setup, it’s silk.

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