12:55 pm 11.30.17

After finding nothing at the huge market here, found this fan at a tiny store on the street. Pics eventually to follow.

It has a heating element and thermostat. I have the heat on almost imperceptibly above room temperature, say 85F, it’s blowing nicely, and will check the heat setting frequently.

There are 41 hours left until I switch the Mac on. If it starts we’ll do an immediate full backup and ride off to the Hornbill Festival in Nagaland.

If it doesn’t start there’s Plan B in development. Complicated by the fact there are no off-the-shelf 1TB Mac Pro’s. Mine was a 2 week Apple order. And I have something between 650 – 700GB installed, so that’s a problem.

(Using the WordPress app for this, pic from iPad camera)


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