catastrophe in real time

About one hour ago (6:00pm) I dumped a beer over my Mac Pro. I immediately flipped it upside down, searched Google for the next moves on this iPad, and sat down to consider the consequences.

My last backup was 2 weeks ago. My backup drives live in the bike panniers which makes it easy to be lazy.

So now what. All my route work, everything about this ride is on the Mac. It’s fine to have a 2 week old backup, but there’s no Mac to transfer the info to any nearer than Calcutta. I’m in Imphal, Manipur, India. Plus I want the last 2 weeks stuff.

I can’t comfortably go further forward without Basecamp, all my data is on it, in a ‘India’ folder, not transferred to the unit.

There’s someone I can talk to to a few hours from now when you guys wake up at home.

Man oh man, this’ll be interesting. Old school, pre-technology travel sucks big time and I’ll do anything to avoid it, so we’ll see what ‘anything’ means very shortly.

On the positive side, I watched Argentina (the world’s best, vamos! vamos! Argentina! vamos, vamos a ganar!) play Manipur on the world’s original polo ground today, the birthplace of the sport. An incredible and unlikely situation to come across, in the heart of this obscure city way off in the northeast. Manipur won 7-6.


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