8:50 pm 11.30.17

Everyone loves a train wreck.

So I’ve been emailing with RV (identity to be withheld if the train disintegrates but disclosed if we win) in Vancouver and we have a Plan A and almost a Plan B.

RV loves my cool red space heater and has sent me photos of how to position the Mac and crank the heat to a level where the case is very warm, but not hot to touch. Way above the literature recommendation. He says up to 60C.

Position A for 2 hours

Then position B for 2 hours

I put the helmet in to keep with the rider blog theme.

Then let it cool with a fan breeze overnight.

Then I’ll call him and we’ll share the experience of turning it on at 7:00 am Imphal time. Either poof or success. If poof I store the bike successfully here in Imphal and fly to Mumbai for Plan B. And miss the Hornbill festival in Nagaland. If success I ride on.

(this WordPress iPad app is actually pretty good, surprised)


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