The ride

Yay! Later in the day, hills and twisties

Every road we’ve travelled has had short sections of construction. Sometimes for an hour, sometimes for most of the day. The crews are from the local villages. You’ll always see women, sometimes they make up the whole team.

A scooter ferry. They’re stacked up close, sideways, would be difficult for us

Nice fun little exit for this lady

A beautiful ride across plains before the hills. Sunflower fields, new blooms

Gas stop at this town, billiard table in the left hand opening

There are tables in every town. The kids are good. They’d clean up on a pool table with the bigger balls.

Into the hills

Great views

A crop of the above. They’re harvesting the rice as they seem to be doing everywhere right now

Finished back on plains

This valley was stunning

Later that night we went out an outside restaurant In Gangaw, a very small village. It was remarkable because I had the best fish I’ve ever had in my life. No exaggeration, I almost gasped after my first mouthful. In fact it was a bittersweet experience as I knew I wouldn’t be here, a quite famous restaurant, again.

From outside

Around the back. Comfortable, relaxed, great service.

The BBQ cook. Most food is prepared in an inside kitchen

Our table. Top is the Myanmar made Crown Royal. It’s the staple drink of men here. Every table has bottles of it. I stuck to beer. The Myanmar food story in an upcoming post

Here’s the place to go, the Premier 2 restaurant, coordinates 22.171278, 94.133005. Stay at the Gangaw Hotel. It’s a small, modern, family-run business. A room is $35 to $50.

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