The penultimate day, straight north.

Villages, a few interesting bridges and lots of construction

Talcy sand sections, for that thrill of wandering bike

After more hills we entered tiger country, we’re far north. There are only 150 tigers left in Myanmar. The Chinese pay $10,000 each for parts. New laws get you 70 years in prison (queue the Hillary joke) which sounds about right, short of a firing squad

Dragonfruit, from the top of these cacti. Very valuable and behind barbed wire fences

More rice harvesting, but this time they have a machine

The workers camp

Later we take a detour off to a pagoda down a road lined with coloured urns

At the end there’s a crowd of kids (Soe tells me wealthy private school girls.) One insists on a pic

Then 4

Then all of them. Every girl’s phone has to be used for a pic, so it took about 5 minutes. Very embarrassing

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