cat and eminem


*** I’m fully aware that I’ve managed to blog all of the Myanmar ride without any observations, stories or anything else of significance. This is because of weak-or-no wifi, making posting the route, when wifi was available, like now, the priority. Now that I’m almost caught up there’ll be a Myanmar post covering the important stuff in about 3  or 4 days ***

Anyway here’s one lunch time story.

This is a ‘toddy bar’. Toddy is a drink they extract from the female flowers of the local palms. They offer it in 3 forms: sweetened or unsweetened, at about 4-5% alcohol, and hi-test, distilled at about 40 proof. Toddy bars are open and roadside. They also offer food

The checkout

There are 4 meats




And wild cat, a kind of small jaguar and not endangered

I have the wild cat

The kitchen. They fry in peanut oil

A young couple is seated in the other room

I stop by to say hi and ask for a photograph. She’s the most westernized girl I’ve seen in the countryside yet. He’s a hipster

They’re cool

And watching Eminem music videos

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