India: the movie 1

There’s Imphal, the red dot on the right, way off on the other side of Bangladesh (which we’ll be riding around)

The first clip below is walking from a few minutes from my hotel to the Khwairamband bazaar, also known as ima keithel, ‘mother’s market’. It’s run by 3000 Meithei women. It’s the largest female-run market in SE Asia, according to Rough Guide.

This second clip starts with a less affluent market, has an odd encounter with machine-gunned police doing something that looks like clearing a path for something coming later, and ends with my favourite walking market street that I’ve walked the length of several times, people watching. The one thing you won’t see in either clip is another white person, I haven’t seen one other than Argentinian polo players since entering India. This is the first time this has happened on my world tour, it’s weird. Only conveniently accessible from Myanmar, very recently ‘opened’, it’s a really obscure corner of the world, it feels good to be here.

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