last day in Myanmar


The day

The final Myanmar, complete

Today’s video

The gas station attendant standing on a stool to fill the bike, nice

The further north we get, the bigger the trees

Crossing the Tropic off Cancer for the second time. We’re now north of mid-Mexico, temporarily

Water buffalo. way more nervous than Ox. Huge.

The exit gate. Immigration and customs are up steps to the right

The immigration and customs officer, two in one. A terrific guy

I say goodbye to Soe, MKK and Mr Prince. I’m (seriously) very sad, we’ve become good friends over the last month. Pic from our last dinner

The white half of the bridge is India

Once over that, a military checkpoint. This takes a while. They record everything about me and will track me through Manipur, I’m about to find out

Immigration and customs in Moreh, the Indian border town. Carnet required, which also takes a while. I’m through in about 2 hours

Into Moreh for the night, shithole

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