to Kohima (updated with video)



Climbed most of the day

I was warned it was a rough ride but it wasn’t that bad until it got steeper for the last 20 miles, then we picked our way along in 2nd with one hour budgeted to spare. The dust was unreal from beginning to end, truck-pulverized dirt most of the way.

The GoPro gave up recording visible images about 1/2 way along

But we’ve fixed that (next post)

Before the climb. Great full screen for full effect

Some dust free images:

A huge valley

The valley floor was carved up into acre or so plots with a small home on each

The ‘border’ between Manipur and Nagaland. These two states are not peaceful, more on that another time.  I stopped here and was interrogated with the usual unusual questions for about 5 minutes, but not a problem, they just want to collect as many facts as possible

Then they’re more than happy to pose for a shot

The first quite nice town all day

Then we peaked out before descending for a while again

Stunning Kohima. As intense as a hornet’s nest with 70% of the roads barely ridable roads, more tracks, but arteries that see you through. Being festival, getting through it to the hotel was something else

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