Kohima 2


Nagaland law says foreigners must register with the District Superintendent Office within 24 hours of entering the state. So that first. Done

Then the whole SIM card epic. It didn’t work, I was turned down by the service I wanted after getting passport photo taken, documentation. prepared

So my taxi driver agreed to surrender his, for a fee, and we went off to get the finest technology for wifi available in India

Here it is, my own 350GB base station, good for 6 months. About the size of a hockey puck, but half the thickness. A fellow at dinner tonight says this company, Jio, had been extremely disruptive within the Indian telecoms

Then to this place to get a bracket made to mount my GoPro high on the bikini fairing

Nice. The reason this placement works, unlike other litre bikes, is because the HP2 has no front bodywork, the bikini is attached to the forks and the camera turns with the bike

They wanted too slap a sticker on, no problem, it can come off later. I got another one from them and we’ll think about whether it gets a place on the pannier later

Working my way through the admin.

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