Kohima, betel

I was given my first bag of coca leaves in Mancora, Peru, by a group of riders from Bolivia doing a coastal epic to Colombia. The bike wears their ride sticker proudly, it’s my favourite. Here’s the post from back then amigos y coca. In SE Asia, as most know well, the red stained teeth and red spit stains on the ground come from chewing betel, another mild narcotic, like coca.

So here’s Kohima and betel. We’re headed somewhere in here

Kohima traffic is a disaster because of the festival, but regardless of that the roads are a car-breaking mess and the air thick with dust. I don’t mind it at all, it’s high on interest. Here we are following one car through the lanes averaging 2 car widths, maybe

One wheel on the curb to make room here

Gun it through the surprising empty space

And if you’re lucky the route can include one of the roads that skirt the hill, really nice. The roads are about 50% dirt

Then to a small store front, maybe 6 feet wide, where this guy makes the cab driver (stained red teeth) and me some betel wraps. Not sure what they call them

It’s a patta leaf (sp?), 2 types of tobacco, a bit of coconut, a bit of lime, and of course ‘sweet’ betel nut. That’s the recipe but each guy has his own tweaks and reputation, I’m guessing, because this guy is the dude apparently.

So because it was late I haven’t done it, will do tomorrow. Report to follow

A dutch guy did a very good story on it here: betel


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  1. So how did you enjoy the patta leaf?

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