improv and sports day

Indians could only get in the Naga homelands before 2011 with an expensive and hard to get Protected Area Permit. Before that it was forbidden to tourists.

Headhunting was outlawed in 1940

Anyway, we set off early again. Each morning the valley is full of smoke

There’s a steel-blue cast on everything

Tired engines blowing smoke everywhere

And during Festival, these professional traffic people. Brought in from somewhere, or cops in snappy new uniforms?

Stop for cigarettes here. Storefront width seems to be made up of 6 foot multiples, with most being just one

The roads are destroyed with the exception of the 2 arteries, which are clogged solid for this 10 days. Here’s a bit of our ride this morning. Volume off

I sat with this couple today, right at the back, up high

Our view forward, 1/2 hour before the start

She had a bag of bananas

She gave me 3

People watching before the start. I couldn’t figure this group out. The girls were gorgeous and shy, the guys looked badass. Mob?

The morning was a series of acted-out stories or traditions. The crowd loved them. I didn’t understand but loved them too!


A lunch time village shot. Maybe a dozen fires burning. Amazing smells in the air

Competitions this afternoon. This is a regular competitor

And this guy, an ace

Another selfie. Trying something different here, going to try being a little more conformist

My favorites! Was bold and walked out in front to get this shot, argh, so uncomfortable


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