Boney M

Pouring with rain. There’s apparently 68K’s of deep mud sections between me and Dimapur. it should stop in 24 hours and maybe dry out enough to be ridable in another 48, but there’s no full sun for 5 days. So who knows. I’ll be asking drivers coming the other way on Wednesday.

Last night the strangest thing happened. In this small mountain town in Nagaland, this

Boney M, unreal, I thought they’d disappeared years ago. As it turns out it was a good natured very Christmassy event and local children aged about 8 to 10 were on stage for half of it. The stage was on a large playground, audience about 1000

Beside me

View of the crowd at the back

The usual ocean of smartphones when the rain slowed to a drizzle

Lots of security

The Israeli kids I saw at the festival were here and were hoovering weed for the whole show and were happily generous with it.

I’m having weird thoughts about being in India, btw.


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  1. klumplestiltskin,

    That’s hilarious! It’s a Christmas miracle

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