A little road trip in a cab, along a contour line more-or-less from Kohima to Khonoma.

Sometimes the road was excellent

Sometimes slushy, but not terrible

The cars coming up from Dimapur are still saying long sections of deep mud, so we’re stuck here for a while longer. There weather forecast is rain free but we need some sun

Into the village of 800 (98% Christian) was the Baptist Church. On the valley wall to the west is the Catholic Church

The village, beautiful

I urge you to click on the below image. The rice paddies are 500′ down and make up the entire valley floor for a kilometer. It was breathtaking

The first time the British tried to take Khonoma, in 1850, the majority were slaughtered by the Naga in the rice paddies in the centre of this picture. This set up a legend of terror among the Brit troops, because it was the first time they witnessed the Naga decapitating the wounded and dead for trophies. Headhunters!

The war stories of Khonoma and Kohima are among the more important of WW2 fighting in Asia, btw. Kohima was called Japan’s Stalingrad here. I’ve been saving it up for the last post on Kohima. In April of 1944 some of these jungle hilltops looked liked this (from wiki)

Patches of this 2″ high trailer by the roadsides

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