things that are 5 years old, and a movie

(Had a zero day today, sent out a bunch of emails, worked on a secret plan, and spoke to someone in Washington state to see if I am crazy or not (well, the secret plan), he said not mostly. Phew!)

A couple of snaps of great things on my bike that are 5 years old. The Rok Straps are the best aren’t they? These 2 attach my duffle to the bike and get yarded on every riding day and show no wear. Awesome

My titanium system from HPN Racing was so cool with the heat colours for the first month or so. Now, in the last year, the colour has come back and they look gorgeous

Maybe not enough content, so here’s a good movie from that Myanmar post with the family making cigars by the road. I’ve trimmed it to the point she starts making one and finishes the second, time for both 40 seconds

Tomorrow, since I’ll be still here, we’ll post 2 cool things on the bike that aren’t 5 years old, and a movie of another Myanmar lady making something with local materials, for 40 seconds too, and a bit really scary. All this time on my hands, now we have a theme I can keep going for 3 days!

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