Heidenau K60, drifting

I need my GPS for something (not ride related) tomorrow (you’ll see) and noticed this on my track history. I was in an email chat 2 weeks ago with Tom D, Tom F and Tom R, who are all better riders than me, but not Tom H, who doesn’t ride) and was blithering again about the Heidenau K60 rear tire.

Below, in Kohima festival madness, the road had a side slope, the traffic was stop-and-go, and the road was wet from the uphill side.

The black dots are the same time intervals (you can see me blast way from the slow spot). I’m sliding downhill, drifting across the road almost at a standstill, completely lost grip at 3 mph. The traffic was slow enough to stop while I somehow stayed upright (hard to do when the rear is on ice) and and eased my way forward. Crazy

Close up

This happens with this tire when there’s new water over dirty pavement, everytime.

So why go through the scares? Because the K60 is the best (rear, but not front) tire when you want a combination of great wear, decent dirt handling and all-around robustness, specially if you have a powerful bike and the next possible new tire is 1000’s of k’s away.


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  1. Was just wondering where you were Jeremy, came here to find out! Looks like you’re doing well! I concur about the Heidenau tires, can’t beat the mileage in places where tires are hard to come by they are worth their weight… and worth giving up a bit of grip sometimes. I had a scary wet night in Playa del Carmen, roads are concrete around there and they wear smooth in car wheel tracks. They are like glass – trying to accelerate from 80kph in 5th gear, and getting wheelspin, is not confidence inspiring LOL!

    I’m back in Europe for a while, probably heading to Asia late in the year, but not overland (but if I change my mind, I’ll let you know, we may crossover somewhere!)


    • Hi Trevor. Was thinking of you the other day. Remember we commented in Argentina on no “holy shit” moments since Bolivia? Well, lots here! Went home for a while, mother was sick. Glad to see you’re back out here. yup, maybe our paths will cross!

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