things that are less than 5 years old, and a movie

So, as promised last night, here are a couple of things on the bike that are newer and cool. The pics are dark just now because it’s dark outside

Grip Puppies. Lessen vibration and are a great fit if your hand is larger than average. Really nice. I added them in Melbourne. On Amazon: grips

Yikes a bad shot below. There’s a group of high-end seat makers. Most make for cruisers, sport bikes and stuff. Two make for enduros and dirt bikes. Do your own research, the whole subject is so controversial it’s like trying to have a conversation with a KTM owner: going nowhere. Renazco Racing are the most expensive and are generally accepted to be a firmer seat. I changed over from stock when I went back from Malaysia. I get very sore still, but never in pain. A truly great seat

But what would be really cool is one of Renazco’s suede-topped seats, if you don’t see much rain. Go here: renazco

As promised, so here’s the 40 second movie of another Myanmar woman, but this time working with a machine to make sugarcane liquid at a sugarcane bar. Easy to loose your hands/arms here. Hipsters at the end of the clip

I had coconut instead and she whacked away

In Kohima there are 2 future problems which can be not problems, even if it all goes wrong. The delay due to rain has boxed me in for Christmas, maybe, but we have a good alternate and my excellent son-in-law (only one so far) would approve.

It’s 95% Christian here. People are coming in from the villages to get what they need for Christmas dinner, etc.

Without fridges, it’s sold live and the streets are alive with squawking birds, and hacking heads off later is a Naga tradition

Non-bike adventure tomorrow

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