out of Kohima finally

It’s been 2 weeks since anything’s happened. Man, such a lot to report with so little forward progress.

I got seriously sick, plus there’s another issue at play: a wholesale change in the plan, the result of me brewing over a general discontent. I’ve been brainstorming with a couple of people. Whatever happens, it’ll be interesting and I’m close to writing it out here, then doing it…

The run-up to Christmas here, roadside birds everywhere

That passed, and a couple of white people came through for New Year’s, first I’ve seen in weeks. John and Lucy are the most skilled, professional travellers I’ve met in 5 years, which sort of explains why they’re up here in Naga. Two in a million. Here’s a link to their various blogs John and Lucy

Dressed up for the hotel staff New Year’s party. He has this cool MiG-21 t-shirt

I have my Hillary for prison t-shirt

John was a complete animal on the dance floor with the Naga girls. Lucy laughed. Screen grab from video because I don’t have permission to post evidence

Here’s the rule: don’t attempt riding out of Kohima on a bike in the rain. So, hung over as I am, we head out in the one day window before it starts again.

Last view from the hotel

Track, short

Like this

Stopped to drink water and suffer

Strange sights

Basically, I just rolled downhill the whole way, in survival mode

This is a screen shot of the above in iMovie. You know, Edward Tufte


So no Naga cultural discussion, we’re in a bubble really, while we decide on a few things


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  1. Happy New Year Jeremy! So what kind of decisions are you going to make? What has changed?

  2. Miss G,

    Sounds like I wasn’t the only hungover one haha

  3. klumplestiltskin,

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. No sympathy for self imposed pain though!

  4. Anonymous,

    John and Lucy are so cute!

  5. Anonymous,

    Just like you 😉

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