these wriggly yellow grubs

(last fall, the most search hits landing on this site were the results of porn searches that further landed on blog posts tractor porn and tractor porn 2. WordPress shows the search phrases that delivered them (often not cool at all) so we’re going to play with post titles and see what happens)

A GPS track around a market and a ruin. Graphically nice

The start of the walk through Dimapur

Across the river, same name

My baseball cap cam, actually very small, the Hero 5 session is about 1 1/2 by 1 1/2

Walk to the ruins, including grubs

Cool gate

The actual gate

The site was about 300 yards square, quiet and well tended

The Karachi ruins wiki is only a paragraph long. It’s a condemnation of neglect of the 1000 year old sculptures by the people and government. They speculate these 6′ tall pillars make have been chess pieces.

Badly eroded

Floral motifs

This 10′ pillar sat in a solitary corner of the park

More at the Kachari wiki.

Ride status etc. in a couple of days.

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