exiting Nagaland, entering Assam

(501st post)

The track from Dimapur to Kaziranga

The Google Earth of the area is conflicting tiles. The top 40% of this is the enormous Brahmaputra River. Below that is a huge marshland. We’re going to be exploring that for a few days.

Today’s post is mostly video. I had heard the road was bad so didn’t stop for many pics, because you never know how long 87 miles can actually take.

So here’s how the whole day looked, a very interesting ride through Nagaland for the last time

I did stop here for water however

The view across the street from the above

Left bank of a river

Right bank

We’re staying at the quietest place I could find. It’ll be the first quiet we’ve had since entering India

My hut is behind the central tree. Cozy, bucket bath, etc.

Bike in the middle as instructed


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  1. Thanks for the fun video ride Jeremy! I got a little road sick at one point though.
    Enjoy the quiet.

  2. Anonymous,

    Nice to hear your voice. This took me back to my trip to India in ’97. It’s amazing that we found each other in this vast world.

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